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Queenex Publishers Ltd is a book publishing, marketing and distributing company. We provide practical solutions to challenges related to the above. As many stakeholders attest, marketing and selling books is not easy. But we know the East African terrain very well, which is why many local self-publishers and other publishers in the region choose us as their preferred distributor. We are very efficient and experienced in target markets.

We believe in quality of the work and not the name of the author. For this reason many upcoming authors have found refuge in our company.

Founded in 2006, Queenex Publishers is recognized as the most successful and efficient self development indigenous publishing company with significant presence in the East African region.

With the widest distribution network in East African Region, Queenex has carved a niche for itself as the most preferred publishing partner especially with self-publishers and other publishers targeting specific groups.

If you have books that target this market, kindly talk to us.